Your Questions About What Is Video Conferencing

Betty asks…

How can you record video from a Tandberg 880 video conferencing unit?

I would also like to know what the options are for capturing streaming video from the same unit – sounds easy enough to me but haven’t found any info anywhere about this.

admin answers:

This device is great so because the video conferencing unit is known to stream the video it would be very easy to do it try and search for it because its hard to explain i know this is some great ware and its so easy to use but you have to know how to do it

Susan asks…

What’s the best multi-user video conferencing software?

I’d like to be able to connect with my parents, and my brothers (2) via webcam simultaneously – we’re all in different parts of the country.

We all have webcams, but cannot chat and see each other all at once via IM, ICQ, nor MSN.

What‘s the best software for us to get?

admin answers:

MCS (Multimedia conferencing System) or try using
skype (its free can be downloaded)

Nancy asks…

what type of computer is best for video conferencing and video editing?

admin answers:

If you have lots of cash: Mac

If not: Standard PC.

Helen asks…

What are the hardware and software requirements for video conferencing?

Computer Studies (GCE) :)

admin answers:

Web cam Skype, faceTime, msn, yahoo messeger, AIM!

Lisa asks…

What are best free video conferencing softwares?

which can be able to allow at at least 5 participants

admin answers:

Skype. Its free. Download skype .com.

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