Your Questions About What Is Video Conferencing

Mandy asks…

What is the difference between video and web conferencing?

admin answers:

Video uses cable and actually require a video to look at. Web uses the internet and can be video, audio, chat, or anything on the net.

However, it could be normal to hear people refer to web conferencing as video as they may be using video.

Chris asks…

What is it like to work at Yahoo!?

I imagine a Segways cruising down the halls, PC video conferencing, blue jeans, and an ultramodern facility. Am I close?

admin answers:

Have a look at this video:


and this

They may answer some of your questions.

Sandy asks…

What webcam would be better for me?

money is a little tight at the moment but i dont mind paying a bit more for more quality, which one is better this is for my computer:

or this one?

please help me, thanks!

admin answers:

Dude you can buy the same webcam even more cheap at


you can search at and find the best webcams on very lower prices

Donald asks…

what is standard tcp& udp ports, how can i get them?

this i came across when i tried for video conferencing on a messenger& an error occured regarding this.

admin answers:

Check out that site. Find the program and the port numbers you need and enter them into your router to unblock them, as well as your firewall.

John asks…

What is the best Voice Over IP tecknology out there?

Looking for VOIP for business video conferencing

admin answers:

I have been using yahoo’s new beta version! Abt 2 months I really like the quality of the voice and its dead cheap

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