Your Questions About What Is Video Conferencing

Linda asks…

Is 2nd life going to be a reality?

The creator of 2nd Life thinks that one day the world will live in and communicate via video conferencing. What are your thoughts?

admin answers:

We are in the 2nd life now we communicate via video conferencing.
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Michael asks…

Would these be good stocks?

I’m 18 and just want to start a small portfolio. I was thinking about getting 1 share of Nike, 1 share of Visa, and 1, possibly 2, shares of Cisco because its cheaper. I was thinking Cisco because as we get more into the future there will be even more demand of high tech kind of devices. Like video conferencing will become a lot more popular.Visa because people will always buy credit cards, and Nike is and always will be the largest sports company and they seem to have no limit as to what they can do. Any advice would help. Thanks

admin answers:

That would incur three commission charges which on 1 share or 2 share orders is a significant percentage of the investment. You may want to consider investing in a total market ETF so that you get a broad diversification base but it’s only one commission charge. Just keep investing in the ETF whenever you can until you have enough to actually make plays with. Meanwhile, read investment books.

Jenny asks…

When will Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2?

I heard sprint will release it Sept 8, 2009 anyone know if this information is true. And what will the official price of the HTC Touch Pro 2. Will it feature Video Conferencing Phone calls? Thanks

admin answers:

HTC has released the GSM versions of the Touch Pro 2. So we are not sure if they’re gonna release the CDMA version for Sprint. The price of the Touch Pro 2 is $500+ without contract and you cannot have Video Conferencing Phone Calls as there is no secondary camera. If you need Touch Pro 2 without contract cheaper, you can mail me or talk with me on Yahoo! My yahoo is

Donna asks…

What webcam model is this? (there’s a pic)?

admin answers:

Logitech QuickCam Messenger USB Webcam

Susan asks…

Please help me out from this horrible problem……!!!?

I am getting very frustrated. My today’s video conferencing did not at all go well. I am very disappointed. I was the only person who was not able to speak anything. I have started hating myself. Now what will happen to my reputation? What will people think of me? Please help me out and tell me what should I do right now…. I am seriously perplexed.

admin answers:

So what if it dint go too well…atleast u did ur part!!! It happens to most of them!!…u dont hav to hate urself or anything,this is just how jobs hav bcom tough and competition is everywher!!…u will learn eventually and in time!!….nothing will hapn to ur rep!! Just by not speakin at a video conf,ur respect wont be lost!!…..u hav to make it up now and at every step!!…..dont lose ur self esteem!
These thing hapn and its how u come out of it…..try to be spontaneous,quick witted and learn to speak up fast….dont ever be nervous and tensed!! Go in relaxed and ans what u know……to do all this u need to be prepared!!…..

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