Your Questions About What Is Video Conferencing

Sandra asks…

Do 30 mega pixels webcams exist?

Watch this. Is it really what it’s being advertised?

admin answers:

No. They claim the resolution is 6400*4800 which is 3 mega pixels, not 30

George asks…

Which TV is better: Samsung 40″ LN40A550 or a Sharp 42″ LC42SB45U LCD HDTV?

Both TVs have a 1080p resolution, both are the same price on Black Friday, and both seem to be pretty darn nice TVs.

My question is which one of these two TVs has a more sharp picture/higher viewing angles/vivid colors.

The Samsung TV has a 30,000:1 contrast ratio, while the Sharp TV has an 8,000:1 ratio. What do these numbers mean?

Links to the TVs and their descriptions:

All opinions are greatly appreciated! :)

admin answers:

Samsung is better.Great quality picture.

William asks…

what webcam is better? PLEASE HELPP?(:?

i don’t know which one to get. i want a webcam that can take pictures. and viddeo chat. i think these both have that; but i want to know which one has better quality.(:

admin answers:

I would get the hello kitty web cam! It says it’s great for everything, and easy to use. No installation it’s used by USB. I want that one! Lol I’m gonna get it! Good luck!

Ruth asks…

is this a good hdtv?

This tv just came out from philips, just wondering what you think about it.

Philips 32” 32PFL5403 at dell for 749.99

admin answers:

All of them r pretty good but there are some that are outstanding But that ones not the greatest but better then some so its like a medium
Some of the outstanding brands are like samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG, and many others

Mary asks…

need help understanding this mobile phone?

friends i am little confuse how this phone is 3g by their manufacturer i am little doubt about this . we all know that 3g m,eans we have better connectivity while sending or receiving data and i don’t sure this cheap mobile phone has ability of video conferencing or video call facility so what do you think. please clear my doubts

do this mobile phone has video call facility?
and what the main purpose of introduction of 3g in this kind of mobile.

i have airtel sim card so do i need to activate 3g in airtel

admin answers:

First get a 3G sim card.
Then check if u have a front camera which enables video calling.

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