Your Questions About What Is Video Conferencing

James asks…

Do you like to Debate?

I am looking to build a globally available website, im not sure what it will be called but it will be about debating over all the issues that have arisen in the world and that will do. It will be for all ages, and will entale chat rooms, video conferencing, voice chat and rankings, i would like to know what are you rthoughts, would u join and what could be added or done to make it an amazing site where everyone could debate!

admin answers:

I wish you luck with your idea but count me out, no i’m not into

arguing or philosophical infinite literary wars i’m more a fact

and conclusion person, but as i say good luck to you i like to

see people suceed, be careful though there are a lot of

tricksters out there i wanted to start a poetry site but i never

do cause of my age, guys see it as a sign of weakness

and women think it’s perverted at my age being an over

the hill white male, so go for it while your young, who

knows? You may be the next my space or you tube . . .

Good luck 2u .

William asks…

SKYPE – Wanted Cheap Tablet!?

Anyone find a way to make skype video conferencing work on a cheap tablet? If so, what was the brand? Where did you buy it? I don’t care if it’s a Chinese Company – as long as I don’t have to spend $499 for an iPad or $399 for something else – I want SUB $300 – any ideas?

admin answers:

Skype video is not supported in android os lower than 3.0 so you have to find a tablet with at least android 3.0 but the problem is that only the expensive tablets have this os.

Betty asks…

What hardware should I buy to build my own P.C?

I want to build my own PC. I can afford $ 4,500 to spend on the hardware and software?
I will be using my PC for YouTube videos, Google Earth and Web browsing, Yahoo Messanger, Video Conferencing and Internet Phone.
I will NOT be playing Video Games.
Please tell me what to buy;
Motherboard ASUS or GIGABYTE?
Processor Dual Core or Quad Core?
How many watts should be PSU?
Which brand of Video Card, Sound Card?

admin answers:

You can buy the most important parts.
Of course you have to buy Motherboard GIGABYTE and processor Dual Core2, hardisk drive and RAM 512 if available in the market. No need for CD drive or Floppy drive.
Don’t forget the input equipments Keyboard and mouse.

Joseph asks…

what is video conferencing?

what are the benefits of it?
what is a drawback of it?

admin answers:

Video Conferencing is when you do a normal Conference, only through a Camera.

There are good things about this, like, more people to a room, if the person talking is out of town, state, or even country, you can run a meeting just as if you were there, while you would have to wait if you had to be there in person. Video Conferences can be recorded too, so if an Employee is out of town, they can watch the same meeting at a later time so you don’t have to worry about that Employee catching up on a previous meeting.

Some Drawbacks is that you cannot be there in person, so presentations and such are a larger hassle than being there in person. Something can go wrong since electronics have a tendency to have issues sometimes, so while the TV in the office may be working, the camera that the spokesman is speaking from might have a problem that cannot be fixed right away, thus causing a drawback in the meeting a day, or longer which can cause the company to fall behind.

I hope this helped!

Robert asks…

what are the advantages of using voice, video and data conferencing over IP?

admin answers:

You save on travel costs, and the down-time incurred while everyone flies to the other side of the country to attend a meeting, stays in a posh hotel, and takes their expense accounts for walks round the good restaurants…

Accountants and bosses love it, the guys who attend the meetings hate it :-)

It’s also usually a lot easier to get all the right people to sit down in front of a terminal somewhere, than to get them all to show up in the same place at once.

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