Your Questions About What Is Video Conferencing

George asks…

What Is The Best Video Conferencing Messenger?

I have been using skype for the last week or so and it sux! I am constantly getting pornographic messages from people I don’t know and it is really getting on my nerves. So what programs out there are good for video conferencing? and are free? I would appreciate your help,thank you.

admin answers:

Well try Msn massenger
o just search it in my Google Search

Carol asks…

How do you get a video conferencing cellphone?

Is video conferencing an application you can store on any phone? or do I have to buy a phone with video conferencing?
If so, what are some good looking phones with video conferencing?
Is there such thing as a one-way video conferencing conversation?
Can I only have a video conferencing conversation with someone who has it too?

That’s a whole lotta questions..I know..

admin answers:

I think video conferencing is only on the computer, I never herd of it being on a cell phone. A good video conference website I like to use is

Laura asks…

How to increase the speed of video in video conferencing through net ?

We have installed web cam to our computer for video conferencing and did conferencing in Yahoo messenger. But the result of video is not upto the mark. The video speed is too low. We are using BSNL broadband connection and its speed is 100 Mbps. What could be the reason ? Can it be improved by using any other software ?

admin answers:

Just because your local link to your network device is 100mbps doesn’t mean that your speed all the way to the callee is that fast.

In fact BNSL considers anything 256kbps or higher as “broadband” per their FAQ here:

If you have 256kbps upload speeds it can limit the quality of video you can send. You really need at least 384kbps (or more) end to end to get good quality video.

Also, there are quality settings you can adjust in Yahoo Messenger as mentioned here:

Also, the quality of the camera is a factor. A low cost camera may not provide 30fps video, could have poor low light sensitivy and may blur the image during motion. If you don’t get this resolved please notethe make & model of camera you are using when asking again.

Generally speaking you need to spend US$50 or more to get a good quality camera. There are many US$20 cameras which will provide a poor quality video image no matter what software you use.

My favorite web cam is a Phillips SPC900NC

Charles asks…

What laptop would be best for video conferencing through a wi-fi connection?

I am looking for a laptop that I can take on a deployment with me. From what I understand, there will be a hardened shelter that has a wi-fi signal available to us. I would like to get a laptop that has a (preferably) built-in video camera that enables me to connect with my wife and kids for video conferencing. I have never owned a laptop and have only ever worked with desktops so my knowledge of laptops is extremely limited. Please help me out! Thanks a million!!!

admin answers:

The Dell Inspirons advertise better connectivity with a triple antenae system. It has a vidcam option and an alloy case. Seems like a good choice. You have to decide between a 15 or 17 inch widescreen.

Chris asks…

What is the best video conferencing solution?

I am looking to setup one meeting room (about 10 people max) to be able to video conference with external customers over the internet. What would be the best solution. Do I need to spend a couple thousand dollars on a VC system or should I just pay $100 bucks for a camera and get a webex account?

admin answers:

I would use They have great service and low pricing.

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