Your Questions About What Is Video Conferencing

Thomas asks…

What is difference between web conferencing and video conferencing?

10 differences between web conferencing and video conferencing

admin answers:

Web conferencing is kind of open to allot people ,
video conferencing is private between chosen people .

Lisa asks…

What is the difference between Video Conferencing and Video Chat?

Both are video But i want at least one or more major or minor difference.

admin answers:

Video Conferencing is more to the business side of world. Usually more persons at different locations for meetings and discussions.

Video Chat is usually 1-on-1 using a computer. Video Conferencing got different hardware, better quality – I think.

Betty asks…

What is the best website for video conferencing?

i heard that oovoo is the new kid on the block but i also heard that skype is the best. i have windows xp and my friend who i video conference with has a Mac. which is best?

admin answers:

Skype has a client for linux, windows and mac. Not to say mobile phones, that is your best bet.

It compresses the images and video so the bandwidth is minimum.

David asks…

What’s a good quality video conferencing program for multiple people that’s free?

I have looked at Skype and other similar programs but they do not allow for more than a one to one chat for free. Oovoo does 3,4,5, etc but you have to pay for that. And, Yahoo! Messenger will let you have more people, but you can’t have audio conferencing with everyone. So, is there anything available?

admin answers:

Im not sure if you will have any luck finding a free company that allow a lot of people for your video conferencing. I had the same problem so I did some research and the cheapest one I found was and they have more reliable service.

William asks…

What are the benefits of video conferencing?

I need to know the benefits of video conferencing, not too much detail but a summary.

admin answers:

Cost. You don’t have to travel to meet the other person. No air ticket, no hotel.

Time. You don’t have the lost hours that result from the travel.

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