Your Questions About What Is Video Conferencing

James asks…

What is a free and good site for video conferencing?

My friends and I have split up across the world, we want to sky video conference but you can only do one other person at a time. Any suggestions?
Not skype. Skype only allows one on one video conferencing. We need more than one. We need a bunch so it’s like an online party

admin answers:

SKYPE and its free

Michael asks…

What is the Video Conferencing used in the movie “In my Life” starring Vilma Santos?

In my life is a 2009 Philippines movie starring Vilma Santos, Loius Manzano and John Lloyd Cruz, may i ask what video conferencing software they used on that movie. The way I saw it It’s not so laggy and im sure it is not SKYPE nor YAHOO MESSENGER.

pls post some screenshot….

admin answers:

You might want to try I know they are a good company to use but I’m not sure if the movie used them or not.

Richard asks…

I like to implement Video Conferencing facility in our College, what are the equipments&facilities required?

There are video conferencing equipment from Tandberg, Polycomm, Aethra, Godrej etc., are avilable and also lot of companies providing video conferencing solution. To implement video conferencing, what are the prerequisites required especially equipments and ISDN Connection. What are the information we have to check before buying the equipments and what are the features which we have to study in the components?

admin answers:

The Tools and Supplies Needed for Video conferencing

In order to take advantage of video conferencing you need the right ingredients or tools. There are some basic components that anyone, whether an organization, educational facility or individual needs before they can communicate with others using video conferencing technology.

Of course the most basic piece of equipment necessary is a camera. A camera will allow a user to capture video information at their site and transmit it to someone at another site. Parties using video conferencing will also need a video display to display the video at their site, a microphone to hear the video and speakers to play the audio material.

Video conferencing Equipment

Most video conferencing terminals also require what is called a codec or Compressor/Decompressor interface. This piece of equipment helps compress information being passed from audio to video to make transmission of materials feasible over the Net. Without this piece of equipment most files would be too large to send from one computer to another. The process of compression data using a codec machine is often referred to as decoding and encoding information.

Finally, a computer and reliable internet connection are also necessary to facilitate video conferencing. A high speed connection is recommended to make the video conferencing experience not only endurable but also enjoyable. The actual computer you have is not as important as the size of your display. Remember that when using video conferencing equipment, the larger your display the better your picture and the more easily a time you will have ‘conferencing’ with other people on the Web.

Article by Frank Owen, visit his web site on video conferencing for more information on video conferencing

Thomas asks…

What is a good video conferencing program (free)?

I already use skype but you have to pay to have a video conference. Is there a free program similar to Skype that allows free video chats with more than two people?


admin answers:

OoVoo is far better than Skype (IMHO) i like ooVoo, it tends to have better call quality

3-way video chat is FREE on ooVoo

Studies have shown that 6 in every 10 Skype users prefer ooVoo for that reason.


Charles asks…

What is a good Webcam software to use for video conferencing.?

My boss was wanting to communicate via webcam and I am needing some business software to purchase so five people can all log in through their computer and have a video conference with my boss. He wants to be able to hear and see everyone. Kind of like the brady bunch opener. I need help!!!!!!

admin answers:

This page has all the best free programs you will love!!

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