Your Questions About What Is Video Conferencing Used For

Maria asks…

What’s a good quality webcam to use for video conferencing?

Hi! I want to do online guitar lessons, but I am having trouble finding out which webcams would be ideal for this. I have a logitech Quickcam Fusion right now, but I’d prefer something better.
Any ideas?
I’m hoping to stay under $250.


admin answers:

Check these out The Logitech is a good one.

Carol asks…

Video conferencing?

What are the disadvantages and/or limitations of using video conferencing for meetings and interviews?

admin answers:

Even with high bandwith ability you might get stuttering, voice loss and picture loss. In that case “the flow” of the meeting may be lost especially if you are doing the selling or convincing.

If you organized and proposed video conference and the technology lets you down, your business partner may lose confidence in you.

It may not be logical and connected to what you offer (maybe you build chairs or sell rugs) but people make many decisions based on emotions and not logic.

I added a resource which lists some of the disadvantages of web conferencing which may be similar to your case.

Thomas asks…

what is skype? i have a mortorola droid and what is skype used for?

I have no idea what its for and I think I downloaded just the basic app for it. The app it self just says skkype mobile. Is there a better app to download for skype that’s free? Is it also used for video conferencing?

admin answers:

Skype is a program that connects you with someone else, you both watch eachother via live feed by webcams, and you can chat under the video screen like MSN.

Lizzie asks…

who believes we are not going to be using video email and video over the our phones

i already use video email, video blog, video conferencing, and life broad casting, for personal and business and its fantastic is here to stay or is it just a fad. I thought the mobile phone was fad but its here for good is video communication going to do the same thing. its already priced right to stay but will it take off, all my friends use it but what about the rest of the world?

admin answers:

Most of the countries dont offer such services plus i dont think this will do any benifit for the majority–It will stay but i dont see a bright future!

Betty asks…

What are some free or cheap ways of using the internet for video-conferencing?

admin answers:

Microsoft Netmeeting is free if you have Windows

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