Firefox 6 In Market However Still Overlooked

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Firefox 6 has been shipped by Mozilla organization after eight months of release of Firefox 5. Similar to Mozilla Firefox 5, there are few changes that are visible to users. The domain name is getting highlighted in the address bar in order to make phishing apparent . In internet explorer browswer, similar feature could be noticed. The websites whose verification certificates has been extended will get displayed in different manner in the address bar. Mozilla is claiming that certain kind of improvement is seen in the speed. More substantial improvement is covered in the pipeline for Firefox 7. It has notably a JavaScript engine that makes use of much less memory.

This slighter issue – bug fixes, improvements behind-the-scenes but little difference in user-visibility is likely to be the norm for future Firefox versions. Bigger features will come up from time to time but for the most of the part, users will just involve in continuous improvement. The updates of Firefox should be automatic as well as essentially invisible. Mozilla requires press coverage that should focus on the features and not version numbers. Mozilla is in need of developers to finish targeting specific browser versions and instead can be said as target standards, the regular release which is one step ahead of the achieving goal.

Another important part is downplaying the version numbers. Again Chrome can be said as the best example here; when you look at the download page of Google there is no indication related to which version of Chrome you are going to receive. It is just said to be the latest. However, Mozilla wants to make improvement in this. There has been as feature entered in the Mozilla’s bug system known as request that will call for the removal of the version number from the dialog box of “About”. Instead, the aim to make “About” box is to do two things, one to show the product name that links to the legal information and the second to show how long ago did Firefox checked that it was up-to-date, with some kind of provision.

This was more towards the discussion. The desire to get rid of the version came from the top. The reaction to this was almost universally negative. While many of the commentators were ready with the broader desire for downplaying version numbers, some disagreed with the change. The version number is said to remain useful at the time of diagnosing problems and the users are expected to see that in a dialog. Quotes were made by Windows, Mac OS X as well as GNOME user interface guidelines in order to bolster the point. In all the three, the “About” dialog is meant to specify a version. But there has been a break in these expectations because of getting rid of some version number.

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