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Search engine optimization is all about consistency, and consistent SEO often leads to a high page rank. No matter what your niche is or who your target audience may be, if you aren’t working to properly optimize your WordPress Blog then your page rank isn’t going to rise to the top. There is one reason that there is any sort of page ranking system at all and that is because Google wants to provide the page that most closely matches the needs of visitors according to the search terms they used. When you don’t take the time to make sure you’re optimizing for search engines; how can you expect other sites to link to yours? How can Google give you the boost to page rank for your keywords and phrases if Google hasn’t been told, by you, what they are? You must pay as much attention to on-page SEO as off.

Article marketing is one of the more popular and effective methods to increasing page rank. One of the more popular places to publish articles is EzineArticles.com. This WordPress Blog only accepts high quality articles which provide value to the reader. Another WordPress Blog to consider is GoArticles.com. Both sites have a high page rank. Before you submit articles to these directories, make sure you read their guidelines so you know what is allowed and what isn’t.

Don’t lose the chance to work with an article directory through an innocent mistake you made because you didn’t read the site’s rules. Article marketing is a tried and true method of increasing your site’s page rank so be sure to play within the rules.

Your WordPress Blogshould contain only original content. Content should never be copied from another WordPress Blog . Strictly using high quality original content will be far more beneficial to your WordPress Blog in the long run. Copied content should never be used on your WordPress Blog . Even if you are the original author of the content you are wanting to copy. Just say no and don’t use it. It’s been said that Google can be very harsh on WordPress Blogs with copied content.

Google is always on the lookout to provide their searchers with relevant, high value content. SEO

Check out the high page rank web directories that are available online. They allow webmasters to submit their WordPress Blog and get listed! It’s a simple matter to make your site’s page rank go higher and higher by submitting it to more and more directories. Most directories are free of charge but there are some that charge a fee – these generally provide a much bigger boost and many webmasters find sites like Yahoo! Directory to be worth the price they pay. Keep your eyes open as you surf the web for quality directories where you can submit your own WordPress Blog easily.

Don’t waste time and energy on pipe dreams that promise fast results for improving page rank when these steps will net you lasting results instead. Your eyes should be on your long term goals and not something short term. The correlations between page rank and search engine traffic will be enough to convince you that this is not wasted effort.SEO WordPress

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