Why Your Backlinks Aren’t Doing You Worthwhile

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You have posted literally hundreds of backlinks the same as everybody says you need to with articles, in blog posts as well as on web 2.0 communities. You chose keywords wisely, by having an eye for both traffic volume and just how much competition there’s. And yet you are still to not get onto that coveted first page on Google. Why not?

Getting onto the first page of Google permanently quality keywords has never seemed more inside the reach of the newest internet marketer, It’s clear to just about everybody in the industry that the biggest element in succeeding with your SEO efforts is backlinks. Get enough backlinks together with your keyword as anchor-text and you will get a site on Google’s first page for that keyword, right? And yet so many people are discovering it difficult to accomplish this seemingly straightforward task. Why is that?

How can it’s true that the key for you to get onto Google’s first page is a straightforward horserace of backlinks, and people with increased backlinks than the top spots are still about the second page or far worse?

The answer is that does not all backlinks are the same.

One factor may be the pagerank from the site where the backlinks are posted. A site with a pagerank between 4 and 9 will count for more with Google than one on the site with little or no pagerank. Google won’t ever tell anyone their exact formula about this or any other SEO issue, but it is clear that the backlink had more juice on what they consider an expert site than one on some random blog with little or no traffic, and that’s how it should be. This isn’t always essential for the specific page the backlink is onto have a high pagerank for your backlink to profit out of this fact. When the base domain from the site has high pagerank, then backlinks on interior pages on that site will benefit from that higher pagerank.

And yet, that alone is not the biggest problem many people face when working to obtain the backlinks essential to get onto Google’s first page.

You may have noticed that whenever you check the number of backlinks your site has on a service like Yahoo Site Explorer or simply about any other for that matter, it always shows far fewer than you realize for a fact that you’ve posted for your site. And frankly it isn’t possible to find out from these types of service how many of your backlinks Google counts. There is however one excellent indicator that can let you know how important or unimportant Google finds the page with your backlink. They have indexed it?

Well consider it! If Google hasn’t indexed that specific page how likely is it that the backlink does you any good at all. It is really pretty simple to find out too. Just operate a search on Google for “site:” followed by the link to the page your backlink is on. You may either do that individually for each from the URLs from the pages together with your backlinks, or use among the index checking software applications out there. In either case, it is a great way to learn how Google is exploring the pages where your backlinks happen to be posted.

So post your backlinks far and wide, but make sure of two things:

1. That a number of your backlinks are on sites with high pagerank
2. How the pages together with your backlinks are getting indexed by Google.

Hope that helps.

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