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Mandy asks…

what’s wrong with my website?

all the pages have been indexed in Google just fine but when i try and use some SEO tools on the web to check things, i get told the URL is forbidden and some internal pages are forbidden, but i can see them fine. What do i need to do to correct this? SEO/ web development experts please!

admin answers:

That really is not SEO/web dev problems, it seems to be that the tools just can not access the page, either that, or the SEO tool thinks you are trying an SQL attack, provided that it is a web based tool

Thomas asks…

Does anybody know a really good book for SEO (Search engine optimization)?

I’m having a hard time finding my website on any search engine. I just want to know if there are good books that I can buy/get to learn it. There are some software tools that I see on the internet, but they are really expensive. If I go to trainings, they are more expensive. Please help!

admin answers:

The best SEO book on the shelf is Search Engine Marketing Inc. It is a year or so old but it will give you a great foundation.

But to really understant and use current SEO you have to keep an eye on the blogs. Searchengineland.

Paul asks…

I need advice from webmasters about SEO?

I have just build and uploaded my first website and I am trying to get traffic to come there. I am a start up company, starting out on the web. I brought a training video on search engine optimization, It is a fine video but it seems to be old it was produced it seems from what the instructor talks about and websites he goes to, I would say it was produced in 2005, maybe early 2006. I have tried to find tutorials and free tools on line but the amount of information on SEO and SEM is overwhelming. Which are the good sites and tools,, I have gotten very good advise from you guys While I was building my site. Now, I am asking if anyone knows of good SEO and SEM sites that could teach me how to optimizate my site for better ranking on the search engines. Also, If you guys know about good free tools or trialware for seo that I could try and test for myself.? An example how the video was fuzzy is that he spoke of landing pages, but didn’t really go into detail?

admin answers:

There is so much rubbish and out of date SEO advice on the web that it is very difficult to separate the truth from the fiction unless you are already an expert.

Forums are particularly bad because you get every possible shade of opinion and if you are a beginner you have no way of knowing what is correct.

I have found only two up to date, free, high quality tutorials:

“Also, If you guys know about good free tools or trialware for seo that I could try and test for myself?”

No professional SEO uses website promotion software tools or software that automates SEO but they do use tools to find information as they are in the process of optimizing. The two sites above have links to the most appropriate tools and there is a good range of tools identified here

Good luck!

Maria asks…

seo web tool?

is there some eay that i could insert search words into a web tool that will output my website rank at google acording to what phrase i ipnut. i.e i’ll type in “electronic video games” and the output will be “your website appers 120 in the result page” or something like that .

admin answers:

The following site does that.It has done for me.i got good results so far.

Lisa asks…

SEO – How to Determine Keyword Phrase Competitiveness?

Search Engine Optimization – Is there a tool or website that can tell you how competitive a keyword phrase is?

admin answers:

Sure – Google. Take a look at the number of sites that pull for that search term and look at the competition.

There are plenty of SEO tools online that can claim to help you make this decision but you have to think about it. The more searches each month and the more results in the category the harder it will be to rise to the top. All things are possible in oganic SEO.

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